Thursday, June 25, 2015


c est l heure d ecrire... sans rires... et meme pire... c est sir... une table ronde... comme un fromage qui pu... que nous nous representons... marchons... courons... prenom et non par surprise la bastille... faut que ca frepille... crispille... comme dans la grotte de rocamadour... tu te rapel... michel druker... formidable... comme cette premiere pele roulle a une pioche moitie moche... mais fallait bien le faire... et comme encore ce premier coup de quequette mal vise... fallait y croire quand meme... merde alors...


Thursday, June 18, 2015


i m a hippie in a hurry... and my hair is all curly... when i come to the city... i can feel very silly... so i roll a cigi... and that makes me happy... just like in a tipi... or a yellow taxi... it's possible that maybe... i m a hippie in a hurry...


Friday, June 12, 2015


Bueno q a donde va a portugalllllll A q zona exacta vas
a sagres... vente... depende del viento acampamo por ahi... es muy lindo
Jajajajajaja  Lindisimo Q eres latino??? Jajajajajaja
Me meo    Nice!!   Argentino   Es relindo!! aahahahahahah

calllaaaaa!... relindo boluda!
ahhahahahaha    Sois vos!!   Bueno q estoy currando
Estoy en Mijas cuando salga iré a mirar el mar

si che... que chevre!
Hace mucha calor Venga te aviso 
que chevre!!!!!!!!!!!!
Te estoy diciendo q hace mucha calo y q como tu comprenderás yo no vengo a trabajar en bikinipues deberia
Por eso te digo q me voy a derretir
asi vendes mas... Es lo normal
Yo vendo de todas maneras
Soy muy buena en lo q hago

a ver que me vendes a mi  jejejeje\
y yo soy mejor aun en lo que no hago!

Tu es q eres mu diicil
Y yo vendo high quality

very high my friend!!! tu que eres??? india????? ahahahhaahahahah   best quality my friend!!! ahahahahhahahaha ...que chunga eres...
Q subnormalito eres
Cállate ya voludo

si si si
Es q tu eres trilingüe
verrry veryyy high qualkity... only for you my friend!!!

Q subnormal

te recogieron de la tienda electronica de os indios Billabon... o que???

Ya te vas a enterar    Ves tu   Es q me tienes contenta   Si es q....
tu ya hablas 2 idiomas perfecto
malagueno y indio!!!!!

es que soy mu gracioso
Me da igual
m entretengo solo!
Si  Demasiado
Ya seré yo la graciosa

si como la otra vez en la playa cuando no tenbias quillas!!!  ahahahaha

Porque tu me mientes
o perdon... ni quillas... ni tornillos!!!!!!!!!!!!
very high quality just for you my friend!!!

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh   Me ices q tienes y después no me las traes  Q no te roas más de mioiiiiiiiii
Me da igual


Friday, June 5, 2015


As per the rules! Dear fellow unicorn I am sorry. I have lost at this game and now so have you! You liked or commented on my status so you must now post the following message as your status to continue the game for breast cancer awareness (unless you have lost your sense of humor).
I know nobody will read my status but sometimes, when I'm bored, I get wrapped up in my tutu and put a giant horn on my head and lather sparkles all over myself and slide around the kitchen floor pretending I'm a magical unicorn! Be a good sport and keep it going
sorry!!! you gonna do it? i think you should!
dunno understand...
yeah, me is supposed to raise breast cancer awareness? not sure how....anyway, i liked it on another friend's post and then she sent me that message. so i figured, whatever, and put it on, too. guilty feeling if not. jeez
i thought it was kinda interesting at first but now i feel like it s some sort of weird automated message and i should just hang up the fone before my credit card gets fucked with...
hahaha!!! yes! i had the same feeling. that's why i said sorry!! i won't fuck with your credit card there anything there to fuck with? hahaha!!!
so you didnt  write this weird thing??
it's creepy, the fellow unicorn thing. but i'm not gonna be the biatch who goes against breast cancer awareness
i did think it was weird you d be bored...
no!! i got it, pasted and copied it, just like the chick who sent it to me, i guess.
i was like damn.she is doing drugs again!!!
never bored!!! i WISH i had time to dress up and dance around like a unicorn because i truly have nothing else to do!!!
that s what i thought... i feel better now
HAHAHAHAHA!!! that'd be awesome if i wrote that on drugs. or sad, really. i hope if i trip on something ever again, i will stay off Facebook for the duration
sorry but i won t pass it on...
i don't blame you. even though it'd be awesome to think of you dressed up as a sparkly unicorn
but i will post this conversation on my blog
the first person to like mine was the receptionist from the doc who delivered my babies. hahaha!!!
unicorns never done the trick for me...
you will!!!???
why not...
me, either! if anything, i'd put on one of those mono fins and go act like a dolphin
go for it.
it s probably better than all the senseless shit i ve been writing foir 10 years!!!
maybe you should take some drugs
i have considered it many times... but i m still a virgin...
kinda good not to have any tattoos these days
good for you! you kinda trippin anyway most of the time
i guess i should grow up someday...
maybe sunday
i know, still tattoo-free myself. though i do know what i would put if i decided to do one. has to do with my babies, of course.
yeah, grow up and get a tattoo already, would you?? hahaha!!!
you think you're special that you don't need one?
i think i ll keep the drugs and tattoos for when i m old and got not much else i can do 
yeah, and then you won't have to worry about the tattoo deforming when you get all saggy- you already will be!
i need more than one... will go well with the morphine i guess...
that is what i think of when i see most people's tattoos
perfect combination!!!
looking forward to get old now
anyways... i guess the unicorn message was good so we get to chat for a minute smile emoticon
maybe they are magical... and do exist!!!